Why does Nepal ban individual travel?

Why does Nepal ban individual travel?

The Government of Nepal has banned individual cross-country travel of tourists on its territory from 1 April. The goal: to protect the country’s economy and the safety of travelers.

A turning point for domestic tourism. Nepal has banned individual travel nationwide from 1 April. This strong decision aims to protect the country’s economy and the safety of travelers. And as a reminder, the country actually banned solo ascents of Mount Everest five years ago for similar reasons.

“When you travel alone, in an emergency there is no one to help you. It is good that they travel to the cities, but in the remote mountains the infrastructure is not enough. When tourists go missing or are found dead, it’s not enough,” said Mani R. Lamishan, director of the Nepal Tourism Board. Even the government can’t track them because they traveled on remote roads.” CNN.

The cost of rescue missions in Nepal is skyrocketing

Known for its stunning landscapes and trekking-friendly areas, Nepal has relied heavily on these two aspects to fuel tourism. However, individual trips by tourists have a strong economic impact on the country. The cost of search and rescue missions for missing lone travelers has exploded in recent years in Nepal with the democratization of the practice.

Mani R. Lamishan pointed to another financial concern of the Nepalese government. Companies that are not approved by the state offering this kind of trips do not pay taxes and thus indirectly deprive Nepalese of jobs.

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