Why do MMA fighters wear nail polish before a fight?

Why do MMA fighters wear nail polish before a fight?

During MMA fights, both in the UFC and in other organizations, some athletes’ nails are painted. Usually it cannot be explained simply by aesthetic reasoning.

If you are used to following eventsCFUyou definitely noticed that the fighters have Nail polish upon entering the appraiser. This is for example a caseIsrael Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion. A ritual that may seem surprising in a combat sporting environment has very masculine values, but it can be explained by several very specific reasons.

Nail polish to be less brittle

Yoel RomeroOr Chris Lieben, Frank Trigg, Andrei Arlovsky, or even the legend Chuck LiddellMany of them have adopted the habit of painting their nails when preparing for a fight. Far from an aesthetic point of view, it would be More interesting virtues In view of the confrontation.

In fact, nails Exposed part of the body in the cage. It can sometimes break whether on the tummy or when kicked. Thus, drawing it, according to many fighters, The effect of making it stronger and allowing it to better resist shock. In order to perform and reassure themselves, many athletes decide to use this process.

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Andrei Arlovsky is one of those nail polish-wearing fighters. Getty Images

Simple aesthetic logic of Israel Adesanya

If there is a sporting reason why some athletes choose to paint their nails, it is not the case for Israel Adesanya. A true showman (he imitated the Undertaker’s entry at UFC 276), the naturalized New Zealander sees it as a way to assert his personality and pay attention to aesthetics:

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My nails must be beautifulAnd the The athlete has explained. I mean, If you were to put this on someone else’s face, on someone else’s mouth, it would be rude not to draw it. So I like to customize it. And whether they’re trendy, I call them: “Punch him in the face, send him into space.”

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