Why do dogs bury or hide food according to science?

Why do dogs bury or hide food according to science?

© Why dogs bury or hide food according to science

One of the most common behaviours Dog owners The strange is the one that consists of burying delicious bones or food under the floor or between the bed covers, under the sofa…

Have you ever noticed this strange behavior in your dogs?

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Why does a dog hide or bury food?

Many adopters believe that a dog who buries or hides his food does so because he doesn't like it or because he's playing. However, he finds this behavior unusual The origin is in the dog's instinctAnd, more precisely, its survival.

When does food digging behavior usually occur in dogs?

When two dogs or more people living together in the same house.

In homes where there is a garden or bowl where one can dig a hole and jealously guard the bone or bone The food that the dog loves very much.

When he is offered something new that he has not tried before. This could be a treat, a flavored toy, a reward, etc.

This survival instinct Push the dogs To preserve food in case of famine. In fact, he will have to rely on his reserves.

A well-fed dog You shouldn't act like this. However, sometimes the instinct is stronger and prompts him to bury the candy to prevent others from eating it.

With time, Your dogs We can dig it up and eat it, or forget it forever.

One way or another, if you want to avoid this behavior, you have to strictly adhere to meal times. In addition, it can ruin your beautiful garden, garden, or potted plants.

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Other tips:

Try to feed Your dogs At the same times every day.

Avoid feeding Your dog Only once a day.

Try to feed him twice a day. In this way, Your dog's biological clock will start. Then he will know to always eat at the same times of the day. Moreover, he would not need to keep his food in the ground.

If there are multiple dogs, Separate mealtimes so that neither of them feels threatened by having their food taken away.

Find a comfortable place. If the place where your dog eats is uncomfortable for him (especially if it is inherently unsafe), try putting his food in a quiet place, away from stressful stimuli around him.

Empathy to strengthen the bond with your furry friend

This understanding of ancestral behavior is enriching Our relationship with our four-legged friends. But it also allows us to appreciate their complexity and connection to their innate instinct. Let's respect and learn the ancient ways of our loyal furry friends. This is to strengthen the bond we share with them and enrich our lives.

You no longer have to worry about your four-legged friend burying or hiding food, because due to the survival instinct of his ancestors, storing food was vital.

On the other hand, our companion's behavior reveals the fascinating relationship between canine evolution and adaptation to changing environments throughout history.

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