Why did the new clip make everyone cold?

Why did the new clip make everyone cold?

Konami has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2shows more about the gameplay… and leaves us scratching our heads.

It's been a while since the new edition of Silent Hill 2 Our concern. The mystery surrounding its development This wasn't really a good omen, but recently, a project by Konami and Bloober Team has begun in earnest that makes us shudder. Reminder, Silent Hill 2 (Published in 2001) is considered One of the greatest masterpieces of horror games He wrote the name of his license in history. Few other titles of the same genre have had such an impact. A few years ago, we dreamed of a strong return to the series.

This is exactly what Konami was promising, in 2022, while the publisher sold us Resurrection silent hill. This is with many projects such as Silent Hill TownvaleHeaded by the sensational Annapurna silent hill (Written by the wonderful Ryūkishi07), Rise of Silent Hill (Already released and Rated 0.6/10 by players on Metacritic) And of course Remake of Silent Hill 2. But while the latter seems to be the most important link in the great return of the license, it continues to tempt us less and less with Latest trailer released.

Kill Silent Hill

The gameplay video was revealed during Sony's State of Play live stream on Wednesday, showcasing what Konami describes as a “combat system.”Improve and update“We don’t know to what extent what is being presented to us is modern, but it is clear that it takes us a little outside of what we imagined Reinterpretation Silent Hill 2.

Instead of showing an atmospheric trailer, emphasizing the atmosphere and new art direction of the game, we are treated to an uninspired imitation of the gameplay of the new versions of the game. Resident Evil 2, 3 And 4. James Sunderland, the tormented character from the original game, finds himself wielding a firearm as an elite soldier and battling creatures in the same way as in so many other modern survival horrors.

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“I want to play the Resident Evil 2 remake!”

Visually, it's not very convincing either. As for the big return of this popular game on PS5, we had the right to expect a little graphical or at least an innovative achievement, which perhaps makes up for a lower budget. And here we are Very far from what Alan Wake 2 It was shown to us a few months ago: one that has completely succeeded in the challenge of reinventing itself while being, graphically, a game worthy of the PS5.

This feeling is clearly not the case Just based on the short trailer It is not final. But let's keep in mind that if… Silent Hill 2 He made such an impression on his time, thanks to which everything he had was exceptional and marginal. Therefore, returning to such a title would mean, a priori, finding new ways to surprise the player and immerse him in a world of alienation that he had never seen before. On the other hand, if the goal is to imitate other modern formulas because they have proven to work, that is actually less exciting.

Silent Hill 2 Remake: photoSilent Hill 2 Remake: photo“We have the Resident Evil 2 remake at home”

Waiting and hoping

In March 2023, Sam Barlow, former screenwriter of Silent Hill Origins (And now known for excellent games like immortality or her story), and he rightly predicted, in an interview with computer games, That new edition of Silent Hill 2 It seemed to him a dangerous idea:

Personally, I'm less excited to play a remake. […] Well, good luck to them because I don't know how you can do that without pissing people off. […] What I'd like to see with Silent Hill is for the license to serve as a platform to offer a range of interesting psychological horror games“.

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Silent Hill 2 Remake: photoSilent Hill 2 Remake: photoWe don't want to be dramatic, but hey

In the end, we'll see if time will prove Sam Barlow right or if the game's release will dispel all our fears with an excellent surprise. It's always better Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Fortunately, a date has not been announced yet Remake of Silent Hill 2which still leaves time for the Bloober team to improve on what we saw in this trailer, even if the chances are slim.

Finally and in conclusion, a game called Silent Hill: The Short Message It was also revealed on January 31. It's already available for free on PS5, and with it, we at least have new evidence that Konami intends to develop its brand in different ways and with different ambitions (as Barlow wanted), which could be a good thing. It remains to be seen if the quality is there. We intend to take a look at this short messagelet's see what happens.

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