Why are former president-appointed judge decisions so controversial?

Why are former president-appointed judge decisions so controversial?

This attorney was only 38 years old and had a limited resume when Donald Trump appointed her as a federal judge – a position he held for life – in the Southern District of Florida. Two years later, Eileen Cannon finds herself at the center of a political and legal battle over… Documents seized from Trump On Mar-a-Lago in early August. And his decisions, largely in favor of the former US president, are controversial.

Thursday has Appointment of an independent expertJudge Drerry has given him until November 30, after the midterm legislative elections, to review 11,000 documents seized from Donald Trump, and see if some of them should be returned to him in the name of the executive branch. Above all, I prevented a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation during this experience. His request was denied because he had access to 100 confidential documents during this time.

‘biased’ decision

“Judge Cannon is a partisan writer,” said Andrew Weissman, a former attorney general in the Obama administration’s Department of Justice. “She says that the documents were not confirmed to be classified, but Trump never told the court that they were not, and he did not provide any evidence. The only evidence she has is that it is written on them (as classified). His decision is completely biased.”

“This decision is a disgrace. It shouldn’t take much to overturn it on appeal,” said conservative attorney George Conway, a regular critic of the former US president, who was advised by his wife, Kellyanne Conway, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who voted in favor of Judge Cannon. , ironically: “Liberals criticize judges only when they do not rule in their favour.”

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The government calls

On Friday evening, the Justice Department decided to appeal to a panel of three judges chosen from among 11, 6 of whom were appointed by Trump. The case could then move to the Supreme Court, which has six out of nine conservative justices, including three appointed by Trump. The latter had taken a decision against the former US president when he refused to refer his administration documents to the investigation committee on January 6.

Even if the Department of Justice has a high chance of winning, this game of table tennis could take some time — and it seems that Donald Trump wants to play the clock and lengthen the procedure to avoid overburdening the Republicans in the midterms.

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