Why are British children getting 'smaller'?

Why are British children getting 'smaller'?

According to an Obesity Review study of 66,000 children in the world's most developed countries, 61% of the calories consumed by British children come from ultra-processed foods.
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Viewed from elsewhere – The children's hike across the Channel has lost dozens of places in the world rankings. An emergency that appears to have a specific cause. Which has even become a political and national matter.

Written by Antonello Guerrera (La Repubblica)

Are British children getting smaller? No, this is not another strange case Benjamin button to Francis Scott FitzgeraldBut it is a worrying trend affecting children in England and other parts of the UK. In fact, children across the Channel have not shrunk in height at all, but their stature is much lower than that of children in many other countries around the world. How is that possible ?

Today, the issue has reached the political sphere, as Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, the front-runner in this year's election, began a tour of northwest England a few days ago to promote a specific project: improving the health and well-being of British children. ” Because they are smaller than their Haitian comrades, larger than the French, and less happy than the Turks Starmer stressed. Among other things…

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