Qui sera le capitaine du XV de France pour le Tournoi ? Antoine Dupont brise le silence

Who will be the captain of the XV de France for the tournament? Antoine Dupont breaks the silence

France’s 15th half-keeper Antoine Dupont was seen in the midi Olympique columns to evoke the Blues’ victory that won against the All-Blacks, on Saturday evening at the Stade de France.

The latter would never have believed that he had managed to beat the New Zealanders in his career. Extract:

It is almost impossible to describe. As a kid, I could dream of facing them one day but maybe not beat them because this team is so legendary. I had the opportunity to play against New Zealand, already in 2017. But being able to face them again in better conditions, with the scenario we know and the outcome we know, is unexpected. No, at the time, I could not have imagined such a match and such a night. Yet I lived through it.”

When asked about his captain, he said that everything went well for him, without a hitch. Extract:

“Things went well and there weren’t particularly difficult times for me because the team had some serious games. Let’s say that responsibility was just something to take on, especially during the week before the test against Argentina. It made me ask myself more questions, but it It came naturally after that. I felt more and more comfortable during the weeks.”

Determines that the captain did not take much energy from him. Extract:

“I don’t have the feeling that the leader has taken a lot of energy out of me. Unconsciously, it takes a bit necessarily but I haven’t felt any backlash in this area.”

When asked by the journalist if he would still captain the Blues in the Six Nations, Antoine Dupont made it clear that everything would depend on Charles Olivon returning to the competition. Extract:

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“I don’t ask myself that question. We have to see how Charles develops with his injury and back into the competition, so that he’s back in the best conditions. If he comes back and takes over as his captain, I have no problem with that. He was originally. We’ll see how he develops.”

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