Who puts grilled sausages in village mailboxes?

Who puts grilled sausages in village mailboxes?

Residents of Surfdale, a small town located on North Waiheke Island New ZealandI was the victim of a strange joke nearly a year ago. New Zealand news website Stuff reports. From time to time a man would come to deposit in their mailboxes a sausage Grilled with a little sauce, put on a slice of Bread of crumbs. The identity of this Joker remains a mystery at present.

The realities were to begin in April 2022 and continue irregularly since then. Gradually, this case caused an increasing commotion, until it took on national proportions. New Zealand TV channel 1News And so I immediately stepped in Thursday to meet the residents.

“We no longer trust each other.”

So many are looking for clues that would identify the person now called “Surfdale Sausager”. And the ocean is very limited, with a population of only 2,000 on the island. In Surfdale, a strange feud has settled. “It divides us, we can no longer trust each other,” one resident explained.

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Among those directly targeted by the accusations was Sir Peter Leach, known as the “Mad Butcher”, an islander who presided over several people. to a butcher in the country. When questioned, the man said he was “scandalized to waste meat in this way” and denied the facts completely.

Joker drawing

Who could this mysterious Joker be? Psychologist Dougal Sutherland would rather go after a man who “has little time and money,” who has a barbecue, who isn’t a vegetarian or health-conscious because of white bread, and who would be “reasonably smart” and “smart enough to be exposed.” For him, it can only be a man, not a woman.

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