Who gives the hole and who protests in the Beijing Olympics

Who gives the hole and who protests in the Beijing Olympics

Protesting human rights violations in China or in favor of COVID-19. Who will go (for example, Italy) and who will not go to the international sporting event. While the Chinese government warns athletes to follow the country’s sporting behavior and rules, or they will be expelled

On February 4, the 2022 Winter Olympics began in Beijing and the Chinese authorities wanted to leave a clear introduction to all guests: those who do not respect the code of conduct will face severe penalties. When asked what might happen to those who protested at this event, a government official Xi Jinping It is reported that athletes who violate the Olympic spirit or Chinese rules with their attitude can be punished.

Yang ShuDeputy Director-General of the Department of International Relations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics said, “Any expression that is in keeping with the Olympic spirit, I am sure will be protected, while any position or rhetoric goes against the Olympic spirit, especially against Chinese laws and rules.” According to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, one of the sanctions could be the cancellation of accreditation for the Games.

At these Olympic Games, Article 50 of the Olympic Charter is in effect, which states that “No political, religious or ethnic demonstrations or propaganda shall be permitted in any Olympic venue.” The difference is that on this occasion, it appears that control is in the hands of the Chinese authorities and not just the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The IOC made it clear, however, that athletes are free to express their opinions on any topic in press conferences or interviews, within the Olympic bubble, but not during the medal ceremony or competitions.

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In the list of official “guests”, Politico He published an article summarizing who is going and who won’t go to the games, and with what justification (or excuse). World leaders realize that for many athletes the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the site reads, and they hesitate to deny it with a massive boycott. but some […] They have decided that their governments should boycott the Games diplomatically.”

Among those who will not send any government representatives, and do so by explicitly stating that the motive is to protest human rights abuse in China, are the United States, Lithuania, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia. .

Instead, they made clear that the governments of New Zealand, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden and the Netherlands are not going there because of the pandemic and fear of the spread of Covid-19.

France, Italy, Norway, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland, Greece and Finland are ready to travel to China.

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