Who are the "new" Taliban?

Who are the “new” Taliban?



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In the set of 12/13 on Monday 16 August, journalist Etienne Lienhardt analyzes the fallout from the invasion of the capital. Afghan by the Taliban.

Who are the Taliban who have just regained power in Kabul, are they different from those who actually ruled the country 20 years ago? “There is an official rhetoric from the Taliban, particularly towards the international community. “Yes, young girls will always have access to education, yes women will be able to work, but according to our traditions and religious rules.” And in recent weeks, there are more and more testimonies pointing to the exact opposite of this published opening. Women were dismissed from work, forcibly returned home, and summarily executed…“, Journalist Reports Etienne Leinhardt Monday, August 16.

Can the state make concessions to countries willing to work with it, such as Russia or China? And in the next few days,The whole world will watch how they settle in the capital, Kabul. Monday morning they started replacing troops Afghan women at checkpoints in the city. Kabul has changed a lot in 20 years. with six One million people, young and connected who use the web every day, there will be culture shock‘ concludes the journalist.

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