Who are the fastest athletes in the sport?

Who are the fastest athletes in the sport?

In the fictional standings, Kylian Mbappe would be the second fastest athlete over 100 meters behind Usain Bolt.

Physical attributes and speed are becoming more important in modern sports. Especially since with technology that never stops evolving, it becomes easier to judge and improve the performance of athletes, hence most sports evolve more towards physical controls than tactics and techniques.

Mbappe is the fastest among the “others”

If Usain Bolt He is undoubtedly the fastest man in the world with a world record of 9 sec 58 at 100 metres, Brand I set out to simulate a race between a Jamaican sprinter and the fastest athletes in their disciplines. Based on the maximum speed reached by each of her heroes, a dummy rating is generated. In football, it’s not a big surprise Kylian Mbappe who ranks first. With a top speed of 38 km/h recorded during a match against Monaco, he would be second in this ranking with a time of 11 seconds. With 11.6 seconds (36 km / h), Erling Halland It won’t be far either.

The former New Zealand rugby player will complete the podium Jonah Lomo, who died in 2015, by 11.1 seconds. Next up is the American football player for the Miami Dolphins Terek Hill (11.2 km / h). It’s Serbian Novak Djokovic Who will be the first tennis player in the ranking with a top speed of 36.02 km / h according to a study conducted by her Tennis Australia in 2016.

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Full order:

  1. Usain Bolt – 9.58
  2. Kylian Mbappe – 11
  3. Jonah Lomo – 11.1
  4. Tel Tyrek – 11.2
  5. Novak Djokovic – 11.5
  6. Erling Haaland – 11.6
  7. Russell Westbrook – 12.01.2019

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