White House spokeswoman upon departure

White House spokeswoman upon departure

Fourteen months and then go? The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki About to quit his job to work at MSNBC Television Network, it was announced FridayAxios websiteand CNN and The New York Times.

The White House declined to comment on the press secretary’s intentions. Back on the stage after contracting the Covid-19 virus, Psaki reached out, asserting she had nothing to declare at the moment, and swore that she was respecting “all ethical rules” as part of a possible future adventure.

According to Axios, who first released the information, Jen Psaki, 43, is in exclusive negotiations with MSNBC, a progressive channel that has already recruited former Vice President Kamala Harris spokesperson Simon Sanders. There is no name currently circulating to succeed him. His assistant, Karen-Jean-Pierre, has already made numerous substitutions.

Leaving after April 30

According to CNN, the speaker will remain in office until the hugely popular White House Correspondents’ Guild Dinner, which will be held on April 30, after two editions were canceled due to the pandemic.

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Jen Psaki had announced in the spring of 2021 that she intended to spend another year or so in this very exposed position, explaining that she wanted to spend time with her two young children.

The White House spokeswoman, after holding various government positions during Obama’s two terms, joined CNN in 2017 as a political commentator. She then joined the so-called “transition” team in November 2020, where she was responsible for preparing for Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House.

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