White House counterattacks after report indicating Biden's poor memory

White House counterattacks after report indicating Biden's poor memory

The White House is trying to counterattack the day after the release of the report of the special prosecutor responsible for investigating Joe Biden's secret documents. A report whose spirit the administration is trying to cast doubt on, without discussing the results.

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On Friday, February 9, speakers followed up to explain that Special Prosecutor Robert Hoare had found no reason to prosecute Joe Biden in this case, and that was all that needed to be remembered. However, what raises a torrent of comments is that in his report, the Special Prosecutor presents the President as a friendly and kind old man, but with a weak memory.

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For the White House, the Special Prosecutor's departure from his role and the Justice Department's practices and comments were inexcusable, inaccurate, inappropriate, and even politically motivated, according to Vice President Kamala Harris, because Robert Hoare became Attorney General in his nomination. By Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman, whose term will be crucial in the November election, denounced the attorney general's process. Appointed by Trump “for the purpose” dirty “Joe Biden. Not all those close to the Democrats have ventured into this politically slippery terrain, while the former Republican president, who has been criminally charged four times, continues to cry about the use of justice against him.

Biden's age is an issue for his voters

As for the president's memory, the presidential spokeswoman, although she admits that she is not a doctor, explains that she sees on a daily basis that it is working very well. She adds that Joe Biden has always had a tongue that tends to diverge and mix names and countries, as happened at least three times in recent days, and that this does not prevent him from performing his work efficiently.

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Karine Jean-Pierre chose the personal record: “ I have known this boss since 2009. He was not only my boss, but also my mentor. And no one in this building will tell you what we saw (in the special prosecutor's report) From his memory “.

As for his age (81 years), the president realizes that the matter is a matter for voters. The guide, who regularly jokes about it, flatters those around him.

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