White House confronts Trump after calling on Putin to reveal information about his son Biden

Donald Trump again accused – without any evidence – Joe Biden’s son of receiving several million dollars from the wife of the Moscow mayor and asked Vladimir Putin to state the reason.

The Biden administration is resisting. After Donald Trump called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to reveal any compromising information he might have about the US president’s son, Hunter, the White House sharply criticized the intervention Thursday, according to reports. guardian.

When asked by reporters before she continued, White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said, “What kind of American, not to mention the former president, thinks now is the time to brag about his relationship with Vladimir Putin?” This is Donald Trump.

no proof

In an interview broadcast on Real America’s Voice “Just the News” on Tuesday, the former US president returned to the accusations he repeatedly made about Joe Biden’s son, who had worked for a gas group since 2014, when his father was Barack. Vice President Obama

Donald Trump confirmed that the Moscow mayor’s wife gave $3.5 million to Hunter Biden and his “family”. “I gave him $3.5 million and I think Putin will have the answer to that,” he said at the show. “I think he should announce it.” “I think we should know the answer,” he added.

Donald Trump had already asked this question directly to Joe Biden, during a debate ahead of the presidential election. The Democrat denied this information. As CNN reminds us, There is currently no evidence to support the claim of the former tenant of the White House.

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“Hunter Biden was well paid for the consulting work he did in foreign countries, including Ukraine and China, when his father was vice president,” US reference media recalls. “The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into these transactions and potential financial crimes. But no evidence has emerged to support Donald Trump’s allegations that Biden is involved in corruption or influencing politics. For personal use, the president has not been involved in the investigation.”

Other fees

He has also in the past accused Joe Biden of getting Ukraine’s attorney general to be fired to protect a gas company, Burisma, from prosecution for corruption, because his son was at the time a member of the group’s board of directors.

This “Ukrainian affair” had earned Donald Trump historic impeachment proceedings, after the Democratic opposition accused him of abusing his presidential functions by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival and his son’s business activities. In the end, the Senate acquitted him.

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