Where does Shadow of the Erdtree fit into the Elden Ring timeline?

Elden Ring is a title that has enjoyed massive success since its release in 2022. Already winning several awards, including the prestigious GotY Award at The Game Awards 2023, the game has received universal acclaim from almost everyone. Shadow of the Erdtree, the next planned expansion for the game that was announced at the beginning of 2023, is eagerly awaited by fans. So much so that several posts about the upcoming expansion are being posted daily on the game's subreddit. One of the biggest questions fans have about the title is where the expansion fits in the game's timeline. Or after or parallel to the Elden Ring timeline? Players are discussing where the Elden Ring expansion will fit into its timeline. As mentioned before, Elden Ring fans often wonder about the next confirmed expansion, but there is no confirmed release date yet. Elden Ring took the SoulsBorne formula, developed internally by FromSoftware, and applied it on a much larger scale. Much of the game's focus was on world building and story creation, which paid off since the players who enjoyed the game were new to the SoulsBorne subgenre. A post from a player was seen with the title of the game, sparking a discussion on the game's official subsite about the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. The entire post and subsequent discussion can be found here. In the post, he asked if players would need a certain amount of progression to get the max, or even unlock access to the next DLC. On the other hand, the player was wondering if it was possible to go too far in the game's progression, making the player's experience lukewarm at best. One important peak in the history of Elden Ring, such as the outbreak of Leyndell, Ashen Capital, was discussed. Given the second scenario, it would be highly inappropriate for a very advanced level of progress to be possible. This is because the expansion will be released approximately two years after the game's original release date, so most of the player base will have completed the game's story. There may be bosses to defeat before then, before accessing the Elden Ring DLC. After creating the post, the discussion shared some great ideas and highlighted trends that other FromSoftware games were following. One of the most popular comments came from FromSoftware fans, with one player saying: “It's very unlikely that it's Ash Leyndell, especially since none of the previous DLC required diving into the game.” The first half, DS2 DLC was in the first half, and DS3 DLC was accessible in the first half as well. » The player then stated that other DLC for other titles in the SoulsBorne series took place later in the game. The previous DLC format for the studio's titles has been discussed. “It was also mentioned that the DLC usually had boss fights and didn't add any NPC questlines to the game. Additionally, an incredibly valid point made by one comment is that if the DLC ) is present in the first half of the game. This should make it easier for those who have not yet purchased the game to get into it, and will result in Elden Ring newbies enjoying the expansion from the get-go. Some mandatory bosses may need to be defeated before players can access the DLC (DLC). Additionally, since Elden Ring is more open than any other game from the studio, it may give players the freedom to enjoy downloadable content without any preconditions. Elden Ring players are eagerly anticipating the release of Shadow of the Erdtree, if posts and discussions about The game's subreddit mentions anything. It also seems like FromSoftware is taking their time to ensure impeccable quality when the expansion is eventually released. What do you think are the prerequisites for Shadow of the Erdtree? Where do you think it should fit into the Elden Ring timeline? Let us know in the comments section below! Follow us for more entertainment coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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