Where do New Zealand's mysterious 'Moeraki Boulders' come from?

Where do New Zealand's mysterious 'Moeraki Boulders' come from?

You may have already heard about this amazing landscape in New Zealand. In addition to sunset, a beach on the South Island features rocky areas strewn with sand. These are not small scattered stones, but huge blocks with a smooth appearance. So, if you too want to be amazed and take your best photos with the Moeraki rocks, here is everything you need to know to prepare for this unforgettable discovery.

There are hundreds of rock balls that decorate shore Southern New Zealand. The “Moraki Rocks” are up to three meters in diameter, weigh several tons, and their appearance fuels many legends. For example, their perfectly spherical shape and huge size have given rise to rumors and fanciful assumptions: they could be dinosaur eggs, or even the work of aliens! Maori legend holds that these large spheres are the remains of the great canoe shipwreck Araiteuru.

On a more scientific level, the presence of these rocks can be explained by the erosion process on the adjacent cliff. The Moeraki rocks are believed to be the result of the amalgamation of limestone deposits and the erosion of fossilized clay 60 million years ago. Since erosion is constant, other balls of stones are bound to appear on this beach.

These spherical rocks make special Kwekohi Beach On the South Island of New Zealand. (…)

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