Where can you go in the summer

Where can you go in the summer

For those organizing safe motorbike trips in the summer of 2021, let’s find out where and how you can travel abroad starting in Italy

Due toReal Estate 2021, enter green pass Which would allow greater mobility between different countries, at least at the European level, two-wheeled car enthusiasts are already warming up their engines and looking forward to a nice holiday against the Covid virus, alone or in the company. Safe travel by motorbike, So, but where do we go? To make the choice easier, we discover the rules that must be followed Go by motorbike In the countries neighboring Italy. Or to other classic destinations like Germany, Spain and Croatia. Not before we remember that travel rules can suddenly change based on the status of the infection. The rules have been updated to June 7, 2021.

Safe Travel by Motorcycle 2021: Going to France

From June 9, 2021 All travelers from European region countries (including Italy) as well as from Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore, can enter France without any barrier but Only if they are already vaccinated against Covid-19 (He is considered immune 2 weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazeneca vaccines or 4 weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is given.) In the absence of vaccination, to enter France, a molecular test or antigen test is required 72 hours before departure.

Safe Travel by Motorcycle 2021: Going to Switzerland

Currently to login Switzerland it is necessary Fill out the self declaration with their personal data, place of departure and arrival and address of residence in the Swiss territory. Furthermore it Those arriving from a high-risk area should undergo a PCR test (Molecular smear) with negative results conducted no later than 72 hours before entering the country, and undergoing it Quarantine for 10 days. The duration of the quarantine can be reduced to 7 days in the event that another rapid test or PCR, carried out by the interested party at its own expense, is carried out, and the result is negative. menu for high risk areas It is changed frequently, we invite you to Check this page for the latest updates. Caution: Cross-border workers are exempt from the duty to self-declare. Whereas, those entering Switzerland exclusively in transit with the intent of going directly to another country must not submit a particle smear or quarantine.

Safe Travel by Motorcycle 2021: Going to Austria

Until June 30, 2021 Those entering Austria from Italy by motorbike or by any other means is mandatory Register at the following link In the 72 hours prior to the flight and can Avoid the planned quarantine 10 days in the presence of one of the following conditions: 1) by submitting a molecular test (performed within the last 72 hours) or antigen (in the last 48 hours), written in English or German, with a negative result; 2) By submitting a certificate, also in English or German, attesting to recovery from covid contract in the last 6 months; 3) Or by submitting a certificate (in English or German) certifying thatvaccinated with Covid-19 With serum approved by EMA or WHO. The vaccine must have been vaccinated within a period of time ranging from 21 days to 9 months before entering the country. its enough Only the first dose The calculation of the nine months begins from the administration of the vaccine if the vaccine anticipates several administrations.

Safe Travel by Motorcycle 2021: Going to Slovenia

at present It is not easy to go to Slovenia by motorbike. The Ljubljana government has adopted a strict system for classifying countries by including a file red list Those most at risk of infection, among these remains Italy. Anyone coming from an EU Red List country must submit one Quarantine for 10 days upon entering Slovenia. Or, alternatively, display: result a Molecular PCR Test performed no later than 48 hours; Certificate of Completion recovery from covid; or evidence of doing vaccination. Entry into the country without quarantine or smear for commercial reasons is allowed for a maximum of 12 hours. Persons under quarantine can terminate it by submitting a negative swab that was taken no later than five days after the start of isolation.

Safe travel by motorbike 2021: Heading to Germany

Starting June 6, 2021 who enters Germany by land from a country that is not at risk (including Italy) and in the previous 10 days you have not been in any country defined as “at risk” Not subject to any obligationNo registration, no quarantine. It is also not required to provide a negative smear. At this time, therefore, between Safer motorcycle trips Those are definitely included to Germany.

Safe travel by motorbike 2021: Heading to Spain

The Spain Established as of June 7, 2021 i Travelers from danger zones (including Italy) One of the following documents must be submitted: 1) Certificate full vaccination against Covid-19. Certificates issued as of the fourteenth day following the date of administration of the last dose of the vaccine, or from the first if one dose was contemplated, are considered valid; 2) A certificate attesting to his submission Molecular or unsanitary buffer, with negative results, carried out in the 48 hours before entry into Spain; 3) Certificate recovery from covid, issued at least 11 days after the first positive test and valid for 180 days from the date of sample extraction. Furthermore, overseas entrants must fill out a “Public Health Form”, through the website, prior to travel Health travel Spain or the Spain Travel Health-SPTH app, to obtain a QR code to present (on mobile or printed device) upon arrival in Spain.

Safe Travel by Motorcycle 2021: Going to Croatia

Until June 15, 2021, persons arriving directly from the European Union / Schengen and associated countries were included in Green List of the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they can freely enter croatia (As far as Italy is concerned, only Molise is part of the green list at the moment.) Anyone else can enter under one of the following conditions: Molecular or rapid smear carried out in the last 48 hours; or show vaccination certificate 14 days after the second dose; or Medical certificate for recovery from Covid and vaccination with at least one dose. Alternatively, you can take the survey on arrival in Croatia by undergoing quarantine before receiving the negative result. If the swab cannot be performed, self-isolation is expected for 10 days. Children under 7 years of age are exempted from the obligation to submit a negative smear result. However, it is recommended that all persons register before entering Croatia throughEnter an order for Croatia.

Safe travel by motorbike: back to Italy

After traveling to the above foreign countries, the Back to Italy Structured as follows: Until July 30, 2021, pending full implementation of green certificate, who returns after a trip to the EU / Schengen countries, UK or Israel, must fill in Online localization form (also referred to as (dPLF) and is subject to Molecular or antigenic test In the 48 hours prior to entering Italian territory.

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