Iahia West, le demi d'ouverture des Maritimes.

“When you have a solid pack, it’s easier to play behind you,” editorial applaud Iahia West

New Zealand’s opening half of Stade Rochelais evokes Lyon’s reception, on Monday evening in the Top 14, the Maritimes capital if they want to confirm their spot at the top of the standings.

Your Champions Cup match against Bath last weekend has been postponed. How did you try it? Isn’t it hard to go back to training before diving into a new game?
Yahya West: Yes, it was difficult for us because we found out about it an hour or two before we left for Liverpool. Instead of leaving for England, we had good training and a good meal together (Players and staff). Everyone is in great shape and ready for the match against Lyon. But before that, we had a great time with family during Christmas.

Will this little Christmas comfort let you have a free spirit with your family?
It’s time to take advantage of loved ones. It is special for everyone, it allows us to have 2-3 days off. Then we’ll dive into the tournament. But in a corner of our heads there will be a match plan against Lyon (He laughs).

How do you act when you play three days after Christmas Eve to avoid overuse?
Do not eat and drink too much! (To smile) You should know how to find the balance, but you are thinking of receiving a LOU. We are professional rugby players so our job is to prepare for the match well and be careful even during the holidays.

When manual play is conducive to it, we develop this tactic. Either way, we’re talking to each other in the back lines

Hey West

I came across the great Glasgow team in the European Cup. There will be a fight against Leon. What kind of match do you expect?
It will be different. that they (GlasgowI kept the ball a lot and we defended a lot. Lyon’s team uses kicks. This is one of the teams that uses him the most in the Top 14. We’ll have to be precise under the high balls. We will need to press the ninth and tenth, everything will be different. But we are ready.

On the balls his opponent plays to the foot, Lyon is marked during his defensive retreat. Is this something we will have to take advantage of and be able to alternate between kicking and playing with the hand?
We want to do that in every game if space permits. When manual play is conducive to it, we develop this tactic. Anyway, we talk to each other (half scrum, me and the two players in the middle) in the backlines in order to make the best decisions. The first looks at space and then we put our attack in place. Communication is very important in these times.

This match against Lyon is very important for us. We have to be very good at our performance

Hey West

Is it easier to make the right decisions with strong and powerful attackers?
Yes, when you have a hard package, with Uini (Atonio) or Peter (burgeretteWhoever leads with the ball, it is easier for us to play behind him. When we get the ball, we enjoy ourselves (To smile).

You’re still under pressure in the rankings in seventh and eighth places (one point ahead of Custer and five points ahead of Racing 92). Is this block (Lyon, Caster, Toulon) arriving crucial for the rest of the season?
exactly. We’re in fourth or fifth, so we’re all close. This match against Lyon is very important for us. We have to be very good at our performance. Then we can look at the matches against Castres and Toulon. But we are focused on Lyon which is a very important meeting for the rest of the season. This is certain.

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