When science fiction becomes reality

When science fiction becomes reality

Are we alone in space? This question has gripped the man for decades. Today, scientists know that none of the eight planets in the solar system can accommodate life. To find another with liquid water and oxygen, you have to look further. So astrologers point their telescopes at other stars and try to locate the planets orbiting around them. They estimate that there are 250 billion stars in our galaxy, and at least 80 billion planets capable of meeting the conditions necessary for the development of life.

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serial interstellar epic, produced by Vincent Amoro and Alex Perry, gives the floor to planetary scientists, astrophysicists and engineers dedicated to this gigantic research. Starting with the hypothesis that by the year 2150 scientists will discover planets with characteristics compatible with life, you imagine the important chain of sending a ship laden with robotic explorers. The hypothetical planet, named Minerva-B in the chain, is located 40,000 billion kilometers from Earth, or 4.5 light-years. It is impossible to send men there, it is impossible even to control the ship. The distance is so important that a kilometer long space shuttle will have to drive itself using artificial intelligence, and it will take a decade for its landing information and the first data collected to arrive. to ground.

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Despite the educational explanations given by the scholars interviewed, it is not always easy to follow the films. The scale of the spatio-temporal dimensions of the project makes it completely abstract. The details of how modern measuring instruments work are also complex. However, alternating between scientific explanations and fantasy images of the spaceship allows the mind to enjoy mixing reality and science fiction for a few hours.

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