Quand des satellites sont guidés dans l’espace par un système belge

When satellites are directed into space by a Belgian system

But what is the added value of the system provided by Veoware Space? In order to understand, you need to look for yourself and transport yourself away from the earth: “There were 40 satellites in the SpaceX rocket, they were all deployed in space and one of them was Lithuanian with our guidance system, a system that allows it to be more flexible, to reorient itself more quickly to carry out tasks, for example to take pictures. It should Knowing that a satellite is moving in space at a constant speed of 8 kilometers per second, it is very fast.Therefore, it has little time to respond if it wants to take accurate Earth images, for examples of images of cities, agricultural areas or conflict sites.In short , once the satellite approaches a worthy area and its task is to take pictures, it must orient itself quickly so as not to miss its target.Slowly turning its head right, left, down or up, it zooms in on its target and it is clear that it is impossible to stop or turn back.accurately and precisely, Our system improves the efficiency of the satellites.For commercial operators, this is critical because it increases the quantity and quality of images that they can then resell.It also enhances communication with antennas on the ground to transmit these images and other data.As a result,it Speeds up the resulting decision-making process. In short, our system saves time and money for our partners and their customers.”

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