When Edward VIII helped the Nazis invade France

When Edward VIII helped the Nazis invade France

Story – according to a British historian, new documents testify to the voluntary cooperation of the former king with the Third Reich.

Reporter in London

We have known the benevolence – even frank sympathy – of the ephemeral king Edward VIII to Hitler’s regime. Such troublesome equanimity would have made the English government inclined towards his abdication in 1936. But the Duke of Windsor would have gone a long way in his comrades with the Third Reich. According to documents discovered by British historians, he could have provided the Germans with items that facilitated the plans for the invasion of France.

One of the most damning revelations concerns information about the weaknesses of the French defensive lines, which the Duke allegedly provided to the Germans in 1940. The latter was then living in Paris and, as a liaison officer with the French staff, he was gone. to check 1Dr army. He then wrote four reports, which were largely ignored in London, but which would have interest the Germans much more. Testimonies from the German ambassador in The Hague show that Edward…

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