When beIN Sports makes fun of TF1 after the end of the failed match

When beIN Sports makes fun of TF1 after the end of the failed match

Mr. Konger referee Tunisia – France TF1 screen capture

video – Believing that the Tunisia-France meeting was over, the front page released, on Thursday, an ad interlude that deprived its viewers of the final moments of the match. The chain sent a letter of complaint to FIFA…and they dismissed the mockery.

TF1 apologizes to all viewers who were unable to experience this moment firsthand. Thursday 30 November The channel has been the target of criticism And he was forced to apologize. the reason ? Believing the Tunisia-France match was over, she launched a page ad before completing “Le Mag” by Denis Broniart. However, the meeting did not end completely, despite the three whistles sounded by the referee. Therefore, viewers could not see the last seconds of the restarted Blues match. Indeed, after watching the VAR, the referee decided to disallow Antoine Griezmann’s goal.

I’m a little bored

“We left you a few moments ago with one goal everywhere, but there was a call from the video assistant referee and we will immediately find Bixente Lizarazu and Gregoire Margoton … because Antoine Griezmann’s goal canceled it out, and he was not allowed to beat Tunisia 1-0.”“Koh Lanta” host said he looks serious. “Yes, Dennis, Answer Gregoire MargottonI’m a little bored. We were satisfied that it was over, we calmly returned the antenna to you and then (…) it took a long time, a long time (…) and Mr. Conger, the New Zealand referee, disallowed the goal by Antoine Griezmann … “ And finally, calling the final result: “This does not change the standings, France remains the first in its group … but Tunisia wins 1-0.”

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Also the competition’s broadcaster, beIN Sports took advantage of an advertisement for the French team’s next match to mock TF1. “France and Poland, Round of 16, live until the last moments on beIN Sports”can be heard in this.

“It is a prejudice to the viewer, a biased image of us.”

François Pelissier, Head of Sport at TF1

to meWhen the French Federation filed a complaint with FIFA, it sent TF1 on its part.A message to FIFA, because we are very unhappy with the situation. It is a harm to the viewer, a harm to our image. We are also the victim of an arbitration error. François Pellissier, the channel’s sporting director, explained to our colleagues from L’Equipe. Do we need to remind you that TF1 pays around 70 million euros to broadcast 28 matches of the 2022 World Cup?

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