WhatsApp: Will Selfies Be Deleted Soon?

WhatsApp: Will Selfies Be Deleted Soon?

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Will my self-erase photos come soon?

Will there be self-deletion of photos on WhatsApp soon?

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With WhatsApp, self-destructing photos can soon become a part of everyday life. The messaging service is currently testing an interview feature.

Soon there will be a self-destruct function for photos sent via WhatsApp messenger? As reported by the WABetaInfo portal via Twitter, The company that belongs to the Facebook group is currently working on a version that allows photos sent in chat to be counted down. After this counter expires, the image will be deleted again and thus it is only available to the recipient for a certain period. Currently, this Self-Destruct mode is only being tested internally by WhatsApp.

A similar feature is already being tested in the beta version of the service for traditional messaging. It is alleged that the provider also wants to prevent being able to capture a screenshot of these countdown messages. How this should be solved from a technical point of view is not entirely clear yet. Automatic downloading to your files along with self-destructing images is also excluded.

Obviously, you are directing yourself to the current feature of Instagram Direct. There it is actually possible to send self-delete photos and videos.


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