WhatsApp arrives in beta on connected watches thanks to Wear OS 3

WhatsApp arrives in beta on connected watches thanks to Wear OS 3

WhatsApp is currently testing its messaging app on some connected watches under Wear OS 3. The app also allows you to send messages directly from your watch, what to do without your smartphone.

Google Pixel Watch under Wear OS // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

The WhatsApp instant messaging app arrives in beta on Wear OS 3, Google’s dedicated operating system for connected watches. Users will be able to do without their smartphone to get certain features of the Meta app.

You can send messages on WhatsApp from your connected watch, it is possible

as detailed 9to5GoogleThe main screen of the app is the list of recent contacts, but you can also access its settings and choose to open the app on your smartphone. You can also see the number of unread messages.

WhatsApp on Wear OS 3 // Source: 9to5Google

By clicking on a contact’s icon, you can access their discussion to read messages. Two types of tiles are available, one for “whatsapp contactsand the other titledVoice message on WhatsAppto save one quickly.

We can also and above all send messages to him, whether audio or written, by opening the keyboard of the watch. I’m not sure it’s very practical, but it is there. In group discussions, the button allows you to consult the list of its members.

Beta version of WhatsApp for Wear OS 3

Anyone can subscribe to this version of WhatsApp. However, you must have a connected Android smartphone and watch with version of the app to avoid connection issues.

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Google Pixel Watch screen
Google Pixel Watch // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

Be aware, at the moment only certain models are supported, notably the Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. But we can guess that this will expand as this beta progresses.

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