What you need to know before Toulon - La Rochelle, on a Saturday afternoon in May

What you need to know before Toulon – La Rochelle, on a Saturday afternoon in May

Toulonnais found Mayol after three weeks spent between Brive, Biarritz and Montpellier. The results of these trips: six more points in the standings, a little brutality in the red, and renewed confidence. Unmissable when receiving Stade La Rochelais is always tricky to maneuver. Face this team “Dense”Frank the Great warned his people to be disciplined. “Montpellier, we made easy points, especially on camp outings where we didn’t master the offside rule.”

One key to adjust

Confronting the Maritimes, even as they deny Will Skelton’s double meter, RCT will also have to correct a recurring evil of late: the touch. “We talked about it this week in order to improve our standards and to be more efficient near the lines”Director insisted. “We decided to simplify our advertising, to get quality in training, both individually and collectively. These are options at the moment that are not well implemented. We have to improve and I think in the match that happens, accuracy will be essential. We will have to do simple things.”And the prostitute Christopher Tolovois confirmed the same topic.

scrum to keep

If the touch is limp, red and black can count on effective melee. “ I’ve never seen our scrum in trouble. She is normal. There is a delicate and meticulous work with Rick (dasalmartini). Players want to fully invest themselves. But it’s an area where every week is questioned, it’s very challenging, with a huge individual commitment. When you control well, this is an area that hurts the opponent both physically and mentally.” That would be more correct against a team from La Rochelle with “A great group of strikers, complete and very strong. They managed to develop a good game of rugby because they have a lot of fast balls thanks in particular in front of them 8”, As Lewis Carbonell admitted.

The inaugural also has a game to win against his future counterpart and successor Ihaia West. The New Zealander struggled with randomness in the first leg (26 points including two attempts). It’s up to Carbo and Toulonnais to give him the change and prove their development compared to last October.

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For this late match, Frank Azima decided to line up Colby (absent from Montpellier) and Winnicolo (who has returned to Fiji for personal reasons). He will accompany the two tightrope walkers in the attack triangle. In the middle, Principal Paia’aua/Hériteau reinforced. Carbonell hits a knee in Biarritz, finds a springboard to Siren’s side.

Up front, the Var crew decided to bring Rebbadj back to the third line. He will be accompanied by De Preez and Issa, while Baresi will start on the bench for the second time since his arrival at the port. For the rest, Azéma chose to play second-line Etzebeth/Alainu’uese, and to maintain his confidence in first-line Devaux/Tolofua/Brookes.

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