What will the next Russian space station look like?

What will the next Russian space station look like?

Russia announced this week that it intends to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) consortium after 2024. The timing of this decision is uncertain, but we know that the country now has ambitions to build its own station. by the end of the decade.

after success Salyut Program, From mir And the International Space Station, Russia is looking to the future with a new station called Russians. The Russian space agency Roscosmos has just released some designs for its future orbital complex, the construction of which should begin by 2028.

The first assembly phase of the outpost will include a base unit, a potential new supply ship, and a new transport vehicle. The second phase, which should start in 2030, will add two more large units to the first.

However, the design of ROSS is not yet completely stable. Several questions remain, particularly regarding its orbit. The outpost can fly in a 51.6-degree orbit similar to that of the International Space Station, or in a near-pole orbit of 97 degrees. The choice of this site will likely depend on the different launch sites selected.

Artist’s conception of a future Russian orbital space station. Credits: Roscosmos

Giving priority to science in microgravity

A few days ago, the new head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that Russia will leave the International Space Station (ISS) after the end of its current commitment, that is, after 2024. geopolitical situation The current has already been added to technical problems Recently scanned on the edge of the Russian side station related to aging infrastructure from the outpost.

Roscosmos presented this impending departure as an opportunity to switch to the new ROSS station. On the other hand, the Russians no longer want to rely on the United States to carry out their scientific operations in orbit. On the other hand, astronauts have wasted a lot of time in recent years managing the maintenance and repair of onboard systems that have exhausted their resources.

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With its new station, Russia intends to emphasize the flag. Vladimir Solovyev, flight director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station and general designer of RSC Energia, who is also the main contractor for the Russian manned spaceflight program, recently admitted that various Russian experiments were conducted on board and previously on board the International Space Station. Mir station did not provide many comments.

Another point: it is clear that there will be no doubt that this new station is permanently inhabited. Visits will only be occasional to provide resources (water, food, and oxygen).

Finally, in the end, Solovyov also suggested that ROSS could be used as a way station to help astronauts prepare for trips to the Moon or Mars.

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