What the sexiest jaw looks like, according to science

What the sexiest jaw looks like, according to science

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    What is a sexy jawline? A Belgian researcher has studied the question that concerns both men and women and believes that he has discovered the perfect shape that leaves no one indifferent.

    Clearly, ideal body measurements are at the heart of science. After a study that tried to find out which buttocks are the most attractive for both men and women, a Belgian researcher published two studies on the ideal shape of the jaw. Whether square, V-shaped, or rather round, what shapes do we find sexy today?

    The jaw, which is an element that has become very important in appearance

    The jawline is so important to overall appearance that procedures to highlight this area of ​​the face are becoming increasingly popular. According to researcher Dr. Maurice Y. Momarts, the number of procedures such as buccal fat removal and jaw fillers increased by approximately 70% in 2021.

    The researcher from the University of Brussels conducted two online surveys using black-and-white photos of celebrities and non-celebrities. Participants – both men and women – were shown a series of photos of faces and were asked to rate which jawline they found most attractive. The goal was to determine the “ideal” jaw angle specifications that plastic surgeons should recreate when performing implants.

    In men, the jaw is well-defined but not square

    About 81 people – both men and women – half of whom were facial surgeons – participated in the survey about male jaw lines, which included nine questions based on a set of questions. The eyes were covered in the photos to reduce the chances of people making decisions based on other facial features. The researchers also asked participants to judge the width and slope of the jaw from a frontal angle, the height of the jaw on the face, the side view of the face, and the slope of the jaw from the side.

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    Celebrities introduced to attendees include Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Colin O’Donoghue, Colton Haynes, Dean Winchester, Hrithik Roshan, Jensen Ackles, Liam Hemsworth, Matthew Bomer, Michael Fassbender, Richard Armitage, Tahmuh Penkett, and Tom Hiddleston.

    When asked which of the five photos was the most attractive, 52% chose Photo 1 and 36% chose Photo 5. Finally, while we believe that a strong, defined jawline is more masculine and attractive in a man, it has been shown that answers with more detail on the jawline Well defined but V shaped.

    Women also have a V-shaped jaw

    In a separate survey of 46 men and women, participants were asked to rate a series of feminine jaws. The face images were a mix of celebrities and non-celebrities. Among them: Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Mila Kunis, Irina Shayk, Scarlett Johansson, Kendall Jenner, Margot Robbie, Iris Mittenaere and Emma Watson. The questionnaire included six questions related to different aspects of the jaw.

    The photo of supermodel Kate Moss was rated as the most attractive by 76% of participants, while the photo of the unknown woman with a square face was rated as the least attractive. Again, the V shape was the most attractive in responses.

    Less defined jaw lines are less flattering

    In both men and women, another piece of data was revealed: a jaw that was less defined and rounder, or one with a slightly larger amount of fat, was perceived as less attractive. In the male study, about 74% of participants said that a jawline hidden—either by fat, sagging skin, or a beard—was unattractive. Also, 98% of the participants in the women’s study removed the round jaw.

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    But the researcher acknowledges that there are limitations to this study: “Completely anonymizing images remains a difficult task. “Using figures from the modeling, fashion and film industries made the likelihood of celebrity recognition very high and may represent a source of bias.”

    Hence there was a greater chance of finding Brad Pitt or Kate Moss more attractive than anyone else.

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