What should this little surprise update change?

What should this little surprise update change?

according to MacRumors, Apple is preparing a surprise update to iOS 17.1.1 that will occur before the publication of version 17.2. This may mainly involve fixing some bugs.

iOS 17 (on iPhone 15) // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

After iOS 17, we have the right to get iOS 17.1 on compatible iPhone devices. Since then, the beta phase of iOS 17.2 has begun and will lead to an expected stable release in December. Now, Apple has released a surprise update that falls between the two. This is iOS 17.1.1.

the site MacRumors He actually claims to have found evidence. So the iOS 17.1.1 update is currently in preparation and should be rolled out to the general public soon. Everything indicates that this version will be used mainly for debugging without having to wait for version 17.2.

What to expect for iOS 17.1.1?

Without being able to be sure, MacRumors It raises some plausible avenues regarding issues that need to be fixed with iOS 17.1.1. The specialized site proposes, first of all, a patch to correct the Wi-Fi connection problems experienced by some iPhones. This fix will be integrated into iOS 17.2, but we can assume that Apple didn’t want to wait until December to introduce it.

It’s also possible that iOS 17.1.1 will come to the rescue for some iPhones that temporarily shut down during the night. The media also reports that Apple promised before the end of the year to fix the flaw related to wireless charging for iPhone 15s in BMW cars. It is entirely possible that this sudden update to version 17.1.1 may be affected.

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probablyGiven the minor changes this release will bring, we should expect iOS 17.1.1 to be rolled out within one to two weeks.

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