What really works to improve your immune system

What really works to improve your immune system

The pandemic has pushed the immune system to the center of the controversy. Science, more than ever, is trying to unlock its secrets. In the meantime, how can it be improved and stimulated?

There are those who swear by zinc, royal jelly, or Ravensara essential oil. Still others are stuffed vitamins Or trace elements … Since the pandemic, we are all trying to strengthen our defenses, with the help of nutritional supplements or grandmother’s recipes … It is not so simple, because our immune system is much more complex, subtle and specific for each person. “Since we do not live in a sterile environment, this is what allows us to manage our relationships with the living world,” elaborates Dr. Marc Dyron (1), immunologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. This is with all living things, not just pathogens. And so on. We harbor billions of bacteria. in the intestines Ex.” And some of them are beneficial, even necessary, for our homeostasis.

Immunity, therefore, is not limited to the fight of good against evil, but rather to recognition, and then a dialogue – more or less amicable – between our body and …

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