What is this mysterious luminous spiral that appeared in the sky of New Zealand last night?

What is this mysterious luminous spiral that appeared in the sky of New Zealand last night?

On social networks, these luminous snails caused a stir. Many netizens believed that they were witnessing the existence of planet Earth.

in a night From 19 to 20 JuneNew Zealanders have witnessed a strange cosmic phenomenon. At the end of the day, strange lights appeared in the sky, made up of spiral Never seen with bluish reflections.

Watchman A resident testimonial was collected saying: “It looked like a huge spiral galaxy, hanging there in the sky and slowly drifting through it.”

Picked up in Queenstown NZ about 30 minutes ago. Any ideas what it is? Some speculate it has something to do with SpaceX Tweet embed pic.twitter.com/lvA2amDzGM

– Claire Riehl? \ud83c\udf38\ud83c\uddee\ud83c\uddea (ClareRehill) June 19, 2022

unique theories

On social networks, this unprecedented and mysterious phenomenon has been explained by multiple and bizarre theories.

Some have talked about the existence of an orbiting black hole, or about commercial bright screens. But the most important theory was related to existence extraterrestrial. Many Internet users believe in Unidentified flying objectsIt is controlled by foreigners.

The one in charge will actually be Space-X

But in fact, the origin of these new luminous forms would be much more reasonable. The New Plymouth Astronomical Societylocated in New Zealand, that this mysterious snail will be due to the fuel discharge caused by a missile launch Rocket by area x.

There were some blue spirals of light formations in the New Zealand night sky yesterday. But what caused them? ?

One explanation is that they were clouds caused by a rocket carrying a satellite.

Read more here: https://t.co/smqPmB9Fw0

Winchester Science Center (WinSciCentre) June 20 2022

in Watchmanthe physicist explains that during the process, the ejection of the thruster is accompanied by an emissionWater Based on Carbon Dioxide in the space. This forms a random-looking cloud, which, thanks to the illumination of the Sun, is visible from the Earth.

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missile launch Global Star by area xoff Florida, will be responsible for this luminous spiral.

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