What is the name of the multiverse?

What is the name of the multiverse?

1. New story

“Physicists and philosophers have been arguing for ages about whether the universe we perceive is just one of several parallel universes. But in the field of entertainment, the multiverse is all the rage, and the disgrace of time travel, note The Wall Street Journal. For studios looking to develop film or television franchises, it provides a convenient way to connect characters and their stories.”

The American Daily of course has Marvel productions in mind, and soon follows that path already explored by the comics. in the last Spider Man (It hits cinemas at the end of 2021), Multi-Dimensional Portal brings together three Hollywood stars who played Spider-Man on screen. and hero Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness (May 2022) He faces a mysterious opponent across parallel worlds.

Among the series that explore the American multiverse peer And the British Its dark matter (Adapted from the novel’s trilogy At the crossroads of worlds, by Philip Pullman), respectively in France on MyCanal and OCS.

2. Borrowing our digital identities

The principle of science fiction is“To provide a perspective from which to look at our technological concerns,” to remember

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