What is Christian Tobira’s position on vaccination?  – launch

What is Christian Tobira’s position on vaccination? – launch

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Your question relates to the position of Christiane Tobira, who is planning to run for president and will announce her decision in January on vaccination, and more precisely a statement by the former minister, guest on RTL on September 23, that received heavy comments. When the reporter asked her why she didn’t call “Obviously it will be immunized,” Citing in particular Guyana, where the former Keeper of the Seals comes from and where the vaccination rate was low and the rate of Covid-19 infection high, Christiane Tobira replied: “It is not my duty to demand vaccination in Guyana. I am a politician who is not in office and therefore do not possess the information that would formally permit him to either give instructions or consider, in the light of this information, that ‘I take it that’…”

Then she developed her point, and raised a case “credibility” From public speaking: “I am speaking responsibly. I watch how the company operates. Before blaming the people of Guyana… I believe that the people of Guyana should take the issue of health seriously. But the question of weight, legitimacy and credibility of the public discourse is a real question. […] In Guyana, the question is not what I say to do. I think it is time to think about appointing a mediator because it is clear that there is no longer any ability to agree between the official word [et la population]. Things go both ways. [En Guyane]The vaccination rate is almost the opposite [de celui de la métropole]. We cannot do the same analysis.”

“a form of cheese”

Words deemed too timid by many in light of the alarming state of health in Guyana. Even confused, especially when she reported missing Information Elements. Florian Philippot, who has been critical of the government’s health policy for months (even if it means misrepresenting the facts), has even invited him to join him. On display if desired. At the end of September, Olivier Veran spoke about Christian Topira “They are terrified to hear this helplessness, this kind of paralysis, this fear, the form of cowardice which consists in saying: I am grafted, but I have no advice to give.”

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However, the former Minister of Justice is not against vaccination. At the same time, she strongly condemned the speeches of some opponents of the vaccine and the threats to doctors: “It’s unbearable. It’s a bunch of foolishness, anti-social, that leaves you speechless, have been able to set of c to you. The only good news is that I think these abuses are devastating. How can she mobilize people? People have the right to question and doubt. corn [les menaces]This is worrying. I think they are in the minority, but that doesn’t mean we should allow them to crack down. […] It seems to me that I am under the weight of the law.”

When asked about the suspension of unvaccinated caregivers, she also defended the choices the government made, while criticizing her call: We are in a very difficult situation. I don’t have the elements to say whether the government’s decisions are fair or not. What is clear, however, is the inability of this government to explain and show issues and options. There are difficult decisions to be made. And I am inclined to think that the decisions that have been made are the best in the case of the knowledge available to the government, with the support of the scholars who have stood by it. I think we have to explain to people that there are times when we have to suspend and limit freedoms. But we must give views. […] I, however, note that in the majority of society the French have made the choice to vaccinate, and consider the argument that vaccinating to protect others is a fully audible, acceptable and honorable one. “

“Vaccination is the best response to an epidemic”

Since the controversy, Christian Tobira has tried to clarify her position on several occasions. On Twitter, very quickly after her September 23 remarks on RTL, the former minister stated: I repeat: the anti-tax arguments are a fabric of folly. I personally received the vaccination in Guyana for four months, without concealing the matter.”

September 29 On the stairs From c tonight (France 5), had responded to Olivier Veran, who accused him of appearing “Cheese”. There is a dangerous situation. There is a real outrageous search for quarrels about this. To hear the minister call me a “coward.” This is the first time he has been accused of such a vice.” The former minister justified his remarks at length by insisting on the special situation in Guyana, due to the population’s extreme distrust of the authorities’ discourse, and regardless of the passage of contradictions to the health authorities.

“Nowhere on French soil would there be the same standards of health and vaccination, the same drawbacks, we would have been looking for a definitive solution for a long time. Because the question is not to call upon a population that is so reluctant to vaccinate. The question is to put an end to the trench warfare that is going on in the region.” On the one hand there is a high-ranking civil service that differs in its instructions and contradicts itself in its interpretations that quarrels with the demonstrators.On the contrary, you have those protesters who have lost all sense of procedure, who are obscured everywhere, without coherence, without perspective, including places where They are essential for vulnerable users.Amidst it all are the sick, the dead, people in pain and distress, and especially caregivers under stress and pressure. […] I have complaints from both parties, who are fighting a fierce battle, whether it is the top civil service or those protesters who are going in all directions.”

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To follow up: “For me, the main thing is that we manage to let things go and say it very clearly. I did not hide it, I am grafted. I took my bike, went to the general center, and honestly thanked the nursing staff. If there is an obligatory gesture, I think that is the limit, As much as I apply to myself what I consider good.”

Finally, recently, Christian Tobira is back in this controversy in day to day (TMC), when sending November 30. “I do not obey orders, so it is not enough for me to say ‘I say so’ and I obey,” Repeating, more firmly, she said, reiterating her confidence in vaccination: Personally, I have complete confidence in science, medicine, and the men and women who seek and find and who heal and save us. When vaccinating, I do not have the slightest ambiguity. […] I am absolutely convinced that vaccination is the best response to the current epidemic. Because it is the best answer that is put to us, and it is presented to us and proves that it protects us effectively. To me, this is not a shadow of doubt.”

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