Et si l'énergie était produite dans l'espace ?

What if energy was produced in space?

You know that energy is at the heart of the concerns on Earth. Man needs more and more energy to live and operate new technologies. Unfortunately, we have to find nnew energy sources. And that’s exactly what a New Zealand company just discovered.

Energy from elsewhere

A New Zealand company has just broken its silence to unveil an innovative technology. The latter makes it possible to send solar energy collected in space to Earth. It’s amazing, and yet the system seems to work. A demonstration was made in front of the scientists and it was a success!

The European Space Agency, the European Space Agency, has already considered this possibility. In fact, researchers worked for several years to recover solar energy and then send it back to Earth. New Zealand’s Emrod has offered ESA, and the wireless electricity transmission technology appears to be effective.

Satellite electricity

You should know that Emrod’s transmission system is used to send energy collected in space to Earth. At the moment, tests are underway, and according to the head of the research, the effectiveness could reach 60-70% by 2040 to 2050.

Thanks to the imagined system with satellites, it will even be possible to install solar panels in the desert and send electricity to anywhere else in the world … The first real tests should take place in 2024, and therefore, the first sources of energy in space should be supplying some inhabited areas populated. It will be a real revolution for the future of mankind on earth… to continue!

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