What if asteroids were more exciting than Mars?

What if asteroids were more exciting than Mars?

In the 1970s, an American astrophysicist explained that it would be easier for asteroids to conquer space than for planets. Today, other researchers are thinking the same way.

A colony on a near-Earth asteroid

A little more than half a century ago, the American astrophysicist Gerard Kitchen O’Neill became known for his theories about colonies in space. At that time, the party involved already believed that the conquest of space could be Simpler by focusing on asteroids instead of planets. The expert claimed that the most important obstacle for humans is gravity, not the absence of oxygen or the atmosphere.

In January 2022, astrophysicist Adam Frank – a specialist in hydrodynamics and plasma physics – published a study in the journal. Frontiers in astronomy and space science. The scientist and his team from the University of Rochester (USA) show that the best way for humanity to build a space colony is It settles on an asteroid close to Earth.

Thus, the study focused on the asteroid Bennu (or Bennu). It was visited by NASA’s Osiris-Rex probe At the end of 2020. Let us recall in passing that an object with a diameter of 500 meters is located at About 330 million km from Earth.

Source: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/Lockheed Martin

Strong interest in energy

Gerard Kitchen O’Neill explained in the 1970s that choosing an asteroid as part of establishing a colony was crucial. Energy efficiency. In fact, due to the lower gravity, taking off from the object in question is much easier than taking off from a planet like Mars, Venus, or even Earth. Plus, resupply missions will also be more affordable, a theory Adam Frank and his team happily picked up on.

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Moreover, you should know that night does not exist in Benue. In fact, the sun is constantly spraying the object, so that perspective Maximize this solar energy very attractive. According to the researchers, the colony settled on Benue It can be completely independent, and not just in energy. In fact, the electricity produced can also be used to generate oxygen using the hydrolysis system.

Going further in the theory of astrophysicists, the possibility of energy production from space colonies exceeds domestic demand It wouldn’t be fancy. Thus, the colonies could eventually become profitable to the land. Although current projects incorporating this type of colony are still in the embryonic stage, Adam Frank is convinced that The first experimental constructions It could see the light of day around the year 2050. In addition, Advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence It can play a major role in the success of these future missions.

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