What happens to All Blacks winger Julian Savea, the Blues’ nightmare in 2015?

What happens to All Blacks winger Julian Savea, the Blues’ nightmare in 2015?

Considered the successor to the legendary Jonah Lomu, Julian Savea made rugby history by performing Dante during the 2015 World Cup, but what happened to him?

New Zealand player from 2012 to 2017, Julian Savea He has long been the country’s greatest hope. From glory to disappointment, he has experienced it all, even leaving the All Blacks prematurely.

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The fifteenth executioner of France

Trained in Wellington Lionsn, Julian Savea will quickly establish himself as one of the most talented players in New Zealand rugby. First in the 7th, the 1’93 giant will show all his talent in the 15th. It’s through World Cup 2015 That his name would be discovered by the general public.

Due to gaining weight before the competition, Julian Savea will make drastic preparations to arrive in England in good shape. The bus Thus you will fly above the competition by registering 8 attempts, the best total in the edition, including three against France in the quarter-finals. A performance almost as crazy as that given by Mark Ellis.

A game in which he scored his best try of the year, beating the Blues defense with great ease. This defeat remains the most humiliating in the history of French rugby at the World Cup. The winner of the competition, Julian Savea, will achieve great fame, not knowing that this coronation will be his only big excitement.

The eternal hope of New Zealand rugby

Although he won four times Rugby Championship, the Wellington native will be gradually removed from selection, due to his irregularity. If his brother Ardi is still impressing for the All Blacks, Julian Savea will end his international career in 2017, focusing instead on his club performances. It will connect two clips to Tornadoeswhere he is highly regarded as well as two seasons in toulon Racing Club, Without much success. After being banned by Keane’s club rivalry, Julian Savea recently announced that he was leaving his club to take on a new challenge, without revealing his future destination. The latest path takes him to Moana Pacificaa young Super Rugby team.

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Steve Hansenthe former New Zealand coach compared the player to 33 years to Jonah Lomu At the time of its hatching. Unfortunately, despite the amazing adventures, Julian Savea’s inconsistency would deprive him of a career worthy of a mountain man. Without a club at the dawn of 2024, France’s XV remains a player looking to get back on track, even though he was destined for a bright future.

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