What happens if we stop washing?

What happens if we stop washing?

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The world is divided into two classes: those who never fail to take them Shower daily (or regular), and others. Soap refractories. Shower gel shy people. In short, those who avoid the cleaning box as much as possible, until at last necessity prompts them to comply.

Whether you fall into any of these categories, you’ve probably wondered what would happen if you stopped washing overnight. Fini the casse-tête des produits pour le corps hors de prix, finies ces minutes à refléchir a la vie sous un déluge d’eau chaude, finis les tapis de duche trempés, les cheveux mouillés et la serviette en forme de tour de Pise sur Head. Make room for bacteria.

Because yes, giving up laundry is above all creating a paradise for bacteria. And the bacteria that bring you down Gas above in addition.

bacteria gas

As you can imagine: washing no longer has multiple consequences. First, you increase your points in common with the illustrious King of France, Louis XIV, who didn’t He only bathed twice in his life. Then you will probably smell the birch from several meters away.

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Without showering, your going You will get a big hit. This phenomenon is not due to race, as one might think, however It’s about multiplying bacteria that you enjoy. If there are beneficial bacteria in the batch, it’s the bad bacteria that end up settling comfortably on your body and … farting on you.

These bacteria actually emit gases that are ultimately responsible for the stench that escapes an unwashed body. It can even emit a single bacterium Up to thirty stinks! Strong argument for the shower team.

That’s not all. These bacteria are too responsible for diseases Like diarrhea and the flu. Put on your unwashed skin, it’s ready to seep into your body through your eyes, nose, and mouth. They are just waiting for this and dreading the day when it will come soap Without pity he will take them out.

Still not convinced? Here’s another excuse not to try the month-with-out-the-shower experience. Taking on such challenges also means exposing your skin to tiny lesions that itch, itch, and even brown spots and skin conditions, acne and psoriasis mind you, due to an imbalance in bacterial diversity from your body. The risk is greater in people with chronic skin conditions.

and the Poetry in all that? The fashion for not washing your head makes the social networking rounds from time to time. Again, if trial proves beneficial, it is not without risks if applied over a very long period. Not washing your hair at all — or rinsing it occasionally — ultimately exposes you to a bacteria-infested scalp. over the years, This sticky substance may block hair follicles, which causes hair loss. stink bald

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Happy broker

Do not wash it at all, as it will thus harm it CleanlinessNot to mention the social relationships that are also likely to develop in leaps and bounds, however, we can live quite well without showering daily. It is even desirable.

If we focus on an extreme case where we no longer wash, there is also the other side of the problem: those who wash too often. Body scrubs that melt in the shower morning, noon and night.

“Stripped” isn’t a random word: it’s literally what soap does to you leather while taking a shower. And if you do it too often, you end up dissolving the lipids in the epidermis, which act as a protective barrier between cells. The skin is weakened, its balance is disturbed, it becomes dry and irritable. Then we get itching, redness, and even eczema.

Everything is really a matter of moderation and common sense. If we practice a Physical activity It is recommended to wash every day. Unlike that, Washing every day is not crazyProvided that you do not forget to put a small amount of soap on your hands and face every day and, if possible, on the areas that generate unpleasant odors.

Still not convinced? Have you decided to take up the challenge of never washing again to break records? Suffice it to say that it will be a very long and dirty road. It will take decades Like Uncle Hajiaka man The “world’s dirtiest” died at the age of 94 in October 2022. An Iranian has not washed for more than half a century.

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