What Happened to… “Jurassic Park” Actors

What Happened to… “Jurassic Park” Actors

On June 8, the new “Jurassic Park” will be shown in theaters. Titled “Jurassic World: the World after”, the film will tell us about the continuation of the adventures of Chris Pratt, the trainer of Velociraptor, and his friends. Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, the island where dinosaurs were resurrected to create an amusement park, men will now have to live with these prehistoric creatures who have returned from beyond the grave. Jeff Goldblum and French actor Omar C or Brice Dallas Howard will be accompanied by former actors of the saga such as Laura Dern, who played Ellie Sattler, or Sam Neill alias Alan Grant. A news was revealed during the launch of the trailer to the delight of fans.

A pioneering movie in the history of special effects

Thanks to the movie “Jurassic Park” released in 1993, Steven Spielberg fulfilled the dream of many children: he brought dinosaurs to life on the big screen thanks to a series of special effects. The result was equally impressive and terrifying. In movie theaters around the world, audiences flocked to see Double Focus, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor evolving to move the music of John Williams. With nearly $912 million in revenue, “Jurassic Park” became the biggest movie hit of 1993 (and Steven Spielberg’s long and prolific career). Four more films will follow with fairly great success and a fifth will land just before the summer. The perfect timing to begin the archaeological search for the actors in the initial movie.

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