What do you outfit a gourmet space with to make it modern and upscale?

What do you outfit a gourmet space with to make it modern and upscale?

When it comes to the overall design of a particular room, some factors are as strong as the materials used. This setting applies to the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen area as well. And if you’re planning to renovate or simply update this gourmet space this year, you’re probably wondering which kitchen items are trending in 2022 so you don’t lose your radar. You are lucky you found our page! Here are our thoughts on it after extensive research and dozens of photos that have been closely scrutinized and meticulously analyzed.

What are the kitchen floor materials?

The floor takes up the most space in the room and is definitely the most visible element in your design, and therefore the element whose influence is dominant. On the other hand, given that we are talking about a place where we work with food, its ease of maintenance is of paramount importance. Fortunately, our list of top trends for 2022 includes plenty of kitchen materials that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, and durable.

Kitchen Material Trend 2022 Parquet Natural Marble Wood Cabinets

Of course, wood remains unbeatable this year, especially when talking about natural parquet. Tiling is also essential, it’s not expensive and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it either. If you can’t choose between tiles and wood, know that combining different materials on the floor is the best trend for 2022!

Floor tiles are a classic choice not to be underestimated

Kitchen Material Trend 2022 Dark blue tiled floor for furniture worktops

The linoleum concrete floor is ideal for a rustic or industrial kitchen

Trend Material Kitchen 2022 Linoleum Concrete Floor Metal Patated Wood Furniture

Worktops, kerdenza and central island

Modern kitchen materials in the center of the island splashback white brown marble veins

When we examine the countertops, credenza and center island of the best kitchen trends of 2022, we immediately notice that the classics meet modernity. Eternal marble remains at the top of the list of attractive kitchen materials, as does stone as a whole. Apart from granite, quartz and steatite, we can see that new composite materials are also very popular. Some of them are more environmentally friendly and include recycled glass particles or other waste materials.

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Contemporary Kitchen Material 2022 Splashback Terrazzo Central Island

For example, a terrazzo or splashback worktop is a very attractive option and is relatively easy to maintain. This mixture of cement and shards of various natural stones catches everyone’s eye with its well-spotted surface in green, yellow, red, beige, etc.

Contemporary Kitchen Material 2022 splashback terrazzo turquoise verdigris

The only thing to remember, which is very important, is that cleaning marble, tile and other natural stone surfaces is done with non-acidic products. If the stone is dark, it is also not recommended to use alkaline detergents, only neutral detergents are used.

Trend Material Kitchen 2022 Glazed Porcelain Stoneware splashback tiles

Painting glazed ceramic tiles is another very exciting possibility, especially when it’s intense and bold in color. The added luster of the glazed stone tiles enhances the style of the space which ranks tiles among the most preferred kitchen materials by modern homeowners. By the way, exotic and at the same time modern cement tiles are still found during the current year.

Kitchen materials trending in 2022 to choose a modern space

Best Kitchen Furniture Material

What are the materials for modern kitchen decoration 2022

When it comes to kitchen furniture, wood remains the eternally noble option that will never go out of style. Of course, its type depends on the style you want to give your space. Raw wood is excellent for recreating the elegant country spirit while lacquered wood furniture is perfect for classic rooms.

Kitchen Trend 2022 Wooden Furniture Marble Parquet Worktops

Next, keep in mind that dark gems, which are now back, are a perfect fit for an ultra-modern kitchen when well chosen. Not to mention melamine, laminate, MDF, etc. With matte, glossy or satin finishes and a wide range of colors they can perfectly adapt to almost any kitchen style.

Terrazzo Worktop Wooden Furniture Kitchen Trend 2022

unforgettable accessories

2022 Fashionable Kitchen Material Hanging Umbrella Table Protection

Other kitchen materials that should definitely be mentioned are glass and metal. Except for the lighting fixtures where you can see the two together, you can see the wonderful return of simply gorgeous indoor skylights. Most metals are hot which means that the ubiquitous stainless steel gives way to copper, brass, and gold.

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Kitchen Range Hood Metal Coated 2022

Painted metal is another hugely modern option, especially if your kitchen is industrial, rustic, or old-fashioned. Finally, don’t forget to soften cold metals with touches of natural materials like wood, wicker, etc.

Trend Kitchen Material 2022 Gold Finish Metal Sink Gold Faucet

Ceramic glaze, natural stone, wood, stained glass and copper in a colorful kitchen

Kitchen Material Trend 2022 Green Wall Tiles in Various Colors

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