What could change for you?

What could change for you?

Apple will integrate RCS on iPhone. The move, which comes after sustained pressure from tech giants such as Google and Samsung, as well as in response to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, promises to significantly improve messaging interoperability between different platforms.

Apple iPhone 15 // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Coincidence or not? Apple made a big announcement the day after Nothing announced that it had found a technical way to bring iMessage to the Nothing Phone (2). But this announcement is likely to coincide with the DMA (Digital Markets Act).

Anyway, Apple announced it Its iPhones will support RCS (Rich Communications Services) in 2024. The move follows long-term pressure from companies including Google and Samsung. According to an article from 9to5Mac, an Apple spokesperson said the company will add support for the Global RCS Profile, a standard created by the GSM Association, which should provide a better interoperability experience compared to SMS or MMS.

This feature will work in parallel with iMessagewhich will continue to be the messaging experience The safest For Apple users. Introducing RCS to iPhone can enable features like delivery receipts, input indicators, and sending high-resolution photos and videos between iPhone and Android devices. This development is likely a response to regulatory pressures from the EU Digital Markets Act.

What is RCS and what are the benefits to users?

RCS is designed to replace traditional SMS/MMS, and offers similar functionality to instant messaging, such as WhatsApp or iMessage. This means the iPhone will offer better integration and more seamless communication with Android users, with features like existing read and write receipts, improved group messaging, and more.

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Especially since RCS is being promoted as a global standard for messaging on mobile networks. Apple’s adoption of it will contribute to achieving greater unification of messaging services across different platforms and devices.

RCS integration could change the dynamics of iMessage usage, though Apple will likely retain special features to keep iMessage attractive to its users.

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