What are the most beautiful cat breeds according to science?

What are the most beautiful cat breeds according to science?

We remember the first time we had our kitten. Very small and very cute. Minou, Matou, Fur Ball, Chachat… No matter what little name you call your name conversationYou definitely love him with all your heart. Regardless of his race, he is Your little one, the most beautiful in your eyes. The International Cat Federation lists about 46 cat breeds in the world. It’s very hard to be objective when it comes to saying which one is prettier. But science decided. how ? Thanks to the golden ratio. It is the formula that made it possible to issue the order Robert Patterson was the man The most beautiful thing in the worldAnd Bella Hadid in women St Paul’s Cathedral in London for antiquities and Dalmatia next to dogs. Discover the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

And the most beautiful cat in the world…

that it math formula Which has nothing to do with what we learned in college, and which determines Which breed of cat is the most beautiful. Even if our vague memories of Pythagoras allow us to say that our cat is more beautiful than the one our neighbor has, we unfortunately have to look no further than that on a global scale. We use an arithmetic operation that approximates Phi, meaning about 1.62 to get to the rating. In this competition, three of them share a title “The most beautiful cat in the world” : the Norwegian (1.65), the Russian blue (1.65) and Missing – One of its most important characteristics is that it has no tail (1,59). follow the ragamophine, the SiberiaAnd l’American Curl (And his ears are crooked), the Selkirk Rex, the Siamese, the Maine Con and the Egyptian Mau. And at the bottom of the podium? the flop 3 (We love you anyway) Made up of Persian, the Peterbald (which, as the name suggests, has no hair) and finally, Himalayas.

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