We've only seen 13% of the map, according to fans - Nerd4.life

We’ve only seen 13% of the map, according to fans – Nerd4.life

elden ring It has already appeared in some videos and photos, as well as in the technical beta that has been staged in recent months, but so far We only saw 13% of the entire map, for some ardent fans The game that revealed the theory on the subReddit dedicated to the new title from From Software.

Based on various calculations and numerous assumptions, but still equipped with a certain rationale, these users estimated that the part seen so far equates to about 13% of the area that can be explored in the full version of the Elden Ring, so there’s really going to be a lot to discover.

Elden Ring: Comparison between the part seen so far and the unknown part of the map

It is clear that some references are missing and therefore the calculation is completely based on the data approximateHowever, it cannot be said that there is no significant commitment behind these expectations.

As shown in the image above, the part of the map seen through a file closed network test Intended for a limited number of users it will only be a small part of the entire Elden Ring universe. This comparison is made based on the panoramas visible in the same beta but also based on what we’ve seen so far between the trailers, images, and official materials released by the developers.

It’s obviously still a partial and rough view, but it could make sense and show how a full version of the game would be so broad. In addition to explaining how in some cases the passion for Elden Ring is almost on the verge of madness, but we’ve known this for some time. For the rest, these days we have seen a gameplay video with chaotic combat in Storm Storm Castle and another video with Crucible Knight Floh.

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