Weight loss: According to science, here's how you should eat your food to lose weight.. It's as stupid as cabbage!

Weight loss: According to science, here’s how you should eat your food to lose weight.. It’s as stupid as cabbage!

According to a study, eating solid foods helps to lose weight thanks to chewing. What if chewing is enough to lose weight?

Distinguishing between hunger and gluttony… This is a very difficult challenge to meet. Are you refilling yourself because your body demands it or your gluttony demands it? It’s hard to tell the difference.

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Anyway, we’ve heard it often: feeling full is happening all around you 20 minutes after starting the meal. Hence the interest in taking the time to chew the food you eat. Logic is unstoppable: if I chew for too long, I eat less. And if I eat less, I lose weight!

Do you want to lose weight? chewing!

It is a study conducted inUniversity of Leeds Written by Professor Anuisha Sarka, who highlights the benefits of chewing on wellbeing and calligraphy. All study participants ate the same foods, but in different forms.

For example, some ate a whole chicken breast, others got the same scrambled chicken breast this time… Result? The former, much more quickly, reached a feeling of satiety. Most importantly, they felt fuller for longer.

Cognitive side effect

Physically, the more food is chewed, the more it will mix with saliva. However, the more food comes into contact with saliva, the greater the temptation for the body to provoke a feeling of satiety. Above all, the psychological aspect plays a major role and the cognitive aspect is very important. The feeling of satiety is not only scientific and mechanical … In fact, by chewing, you more quickly send to your brain the information that you have eaten enough.

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Furthermore, larger, longer-term studies are needed to confirm the effect of chewing on the scale. But what is certain is that limiting your intake of food must be healthier. Don’t panic: you don’t get inside a box of chocolates!


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