Wearing pajamas when dropping off their children, the manager scolds the parents

Wearing pajamas when dropping off their children, the manager scolds the parents

As surprising as it may sound, there are times when parents go to school in pajamas to drop off their kids. Is it an appropriate group? No, answers the principal of an English language school who should send an unexpected, firm and polite message to all parents.

Parents who wear pajamas to school, this phenomenon may not be new. But according to the newspaper West of FranceSince Covid-19, we will see more and more. Encouraged by the pandemic, remote work will already discourage some parents from making efforts to get dressed. What’s the point of getting dressed if working at home?

Except that Charlotte Haylock, the principal of Irisum Elementary School (where a dress code is mandatory for children) hardly has a taste for this type of clothing. Noting the surge in pajamas and bathrobes in front of her establishment’s gates in the morning, she sent a call to order all the parents. Charlotte Haylock, citing daily Mail :

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of parents wearing gowns when dropping off their children and picking them up from school. “

“This prompted me to politely remind them of the need to dress appropriately when accompanying their children to school.”

“As a school, we encourage our students to dress appropriately and we believe it is important for parents to do the same. If parents are concerned about an issue with their children’s education, my door is always open for them if they need advice and support.”

An unexpected but legitimate approach: It’s hard to set an example for children when parents aren’t playing with them. This is not about opposing the freedom of clothing for adults but we must help young children make a difference. Distinguish between what we wear during the day and what we wear at night, just for matters of hygiene and practicality!

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