We watched the Rugby World Cup final with South Africa

We watched the Rugby World Cup final with South Africa

The party was in full swing on Saturday evening in Johannesburg, after the Springboks beat the All Blacks.

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South African fans celebrate their team's victory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup final. (LUCA SOLA / AFP)

The clouds indicated that rain would spoil the evening. In the end, the rain came, but it was the beer that fell from the sky, in Johannesburg's fan zone, where nearly 3,000 people gathered outdoors to experience a historic moment together. At the end of the final match of the 2023 World Cup, on Saturday, October 28, it was the South African national team that won, winning its fourth world title, and the second in a row. “Kings of the world”it immediately made national press.

So, the fans climbed onto the tables as if to indicate that South Africa was now firmly established on the roof of the world. It is quite simply the most successful country in the history of rugby. “We beat France, England and New Zealand. We are the best in the world.”Moayad rejoices.

“This is our fourth trophy. No country has done this before!”

South African fan

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“Stronger together”

Very narrow one-point victories over France, England and New Zealand are seen as lessons for the entire nation. “It wasn't decisive, but we held on. This is the spirit of South Africa. We have to stick together! This is what South Africa needs.”“says another supporter.

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“Stronger together”This is also the slogan that accompanied the Springbok World Cup. This fourth cup allows the South African community, often divided, to connect. “It doesn't matter if you're white, black, mixed race, Indian, Asian… who cares!This supporter is welcomed. “It is a time when we come together and celebrate together.”

As a symbol of this union, the audience sang the South African anthem at the end of the meeting. A hymn in five languages ​​ends with a call for unity.

We watched the Rugby World Cup final with South Africa – report by Romain Chanson

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