"We want to defend in Auckland."  Extraordinary Assembly - OA Sport

“We want to defend in Auckland.” Extraordinary Assembly – OA Sport

America’s Cup never stops giving surprises And it turned out to be a continuous novel capable of presenting ups and downs and reversals and disagreements. The latest brawl is actually the ignition of a clash that never subsides between Team New Zealand (Owner of the old pitcher, defended last winter by defeating Luna Rossa) And referenced by the yacht club (Remember that every team must have a club behind it, otherwise you won’t be able to go into the water.) In fact, the Royal New Zealand Yachting Squadron (RNZYS) held an extraordinary assembly on December 9th. The agenda is very clear:Movement to defend the cup in the waters adjacent to the city of Auckland“.

Back to the usual rhetoric: some yacht club members want it The next edition of the world’s oldest sports competition, scheduled for 2024, will be held at home; On the other hand, the partnership led by CEO Grant Dalton aims to the so-called “offshore” (offshore), to ensure greater economic income. New Zealanders are short on cash and are waging a noteworthy campaign, in order to take on the giant Ineos Britannia and Luna Rossa (plus potential US teams and other news), They need support and that is why they are evaluating the hypotheses of Cork, Jeddah and Valencia.

The situation is contradictory Because Jim Farmer, the former New Zealand manager, had found the numbers to call the association, but Yacht Club captain Aaron Young spoke of “grave consequences” if the underfunded New Zealand team had to defend the America’s Cup in Auckland.

Aaron Young was very clear: “We could lose the cup and thus prevent any future challenge in New Zealand. We understand and support the sentiment of the petition, but the answer is not so simple. Legal threats don’t even help you operate peacefully. I have always said that defense at home is the best, but it should be something practical and at the moment there is noneThe Kiwis fear that without sufficient funds, coming from generous foreign orders, they will not be able to retain the best sailors and fear that they will be less competitive than their competitors, and risk defeat.

Image Credit: ACE Studio Borlenghi America’s Cup Press

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