“We targeted 60 Israeli military vehicles within three days.”

“We targeted 60 Israeli military vehicles within three days.”

A.A/ Istanbul/ Hossam El-Din Abdel Qader Saleh

The spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, Abu Ubaida, announced on Monday that its fighters were able to “target 60 Israeli military vehicles, including 10 troop carriers, during the past three days in Gaza.”

This is what appeared in a televised speech in which Abu Ubaida confirmed that “the clashes are still violent with the enemy in several areas of the Gaza Strip,” stressing that he had carried out “a number of specific operations against the Israeli forces in the areas of their incursion, which led to the killing of a number of its soldiers.”

During these three days, our fighters were able to target 60 Zionist military vehicles, including 10 troop transport vehicles, in the areas of the enemy’s incursion south of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood (south of Gaza City), in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, and in the Al-Tawam neighborhood, west of the Jabalia camp, and in Beit Lahia. (North Gaza Strip).”

Al-Qassam spokesman explained, “One of its most important operations was the ambush in which ground forces were targeted with a bulldozer southwest of Gaza City last Saturday. They were targeted with anti-personnel devices, which led to several casualties.”

He added: “We suspect that the enemy bombed its ground forces because it believes that a number of its soldiers were captured during an operation we carried out against an armored personnel carrier in Gaza City.”

He explained, “In conflict areas, when the enemy is unable to remove his destroyed or damaged vehicles, he bombs them from the air in an attempt to erase the traces of his deception.”

Abu Ubaida said, “Hundreds of our fighters are still in defensive combat positions, especially in all defense and response areas.”

He stressed that they “carried out many operations that we will reveal later when appropriate security and terrain conditions are available.”

As of 6:25 pm (local time), the Israeli army had not issued any comment on the statements of the Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman.

Since Israel began bombing Gaza on October 7, following a surprise attack by Hamas, more than 13,300 Palestinians, including more than 5,600 children and 3,550 women, have been killed, with more than 30,000 wounded, according to the latest government figures in Gaza. .

*Translated from Arabic by Hajar Al-Sharni

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