We spoke with Pierre Puybaret, the French multiple sports record champion

We spoke with Pierre Puybaret, the French multiple sports record champion

Sports registration is “The first ever extreme sport”according to Stihl Timbersports. It is a discipline contested during international competitions with six tests, three with the axe and three with a chainsaw: spring board (the ax perpendicular to the springboard), Permanent block cutting (vertical axe), and tricky chop (horizontal ax), and stock saw (chain chainsaw), and one buck (keyhole saw) And finally, a file hot saw (Competition saw).

Pierre Boyarette is the most successful Frenchman in this field. Early in his career in 2010, he particularly stood out in the so-called keynote event. Since then, he has had a series of world championships, in teams and individually. He was crowned champion of France six times, becoming the French reference in a still little-known sport.

During the Singles World Championships in Munich last October, he finished first by cutting a log with a Godendard saw in just 11.58 seconds, unassisted, thus displacing New Zealander Jason Wynyard in the main key event. “There was a record set at 9 seconds 39 by Jason Wynyard with an assistant. However, for two years, in the tournament, they removed the assistants, so I became the new record holder!”


Bred at the end of the 19th century between Australia and New Zealand, the origins of sports logging lie in the various methods of logging and shaping. Today, the discipline has spread to North America and then to Europe. “When I started, the French were moving on, we were trying to copy the gestures of the masters of discipline: the New Zealanders and the Australians. For them, logging is a habit, passed from father to son”says Pierre Boyarette.

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For him, it all started a little “Accidentally”. Although he had never heard of mathematical logging, one of his friends told him of his passion for discipline, and Pierre, who was working as a mechanic at the time, wanted to do the same: I said to him: What are you doing cutting the branches? Then I finally got into the game and we entered several competitions.


Now passionate, Pierre Boyarette must reconcile his life as an extreme sports champion with his daily life as a father, while taking up his position as a maintenance worker at a hydraulic power plant. For him, sports scoring is not just a sport, it is “A passion in itself, a way of life”.

However, he remains frank, because this extreme sport is not for everyone: “Most of the guys who call me are under 16 and don’t realize you have to travel miles to train. Motivation is not enough. French competitions are held in Savoy, most of the time… I think the youngsters now have better things to do than train at the other end of France.”

A passion but not a job. According to Pierre Boyarette, in 2010, only five sports lumberjacks practiced. Today, there is nothing left: “The premiums are lower, they don’t let the athletes live on it.”

physical readiness

Requiring discipline, strength and a great deal of vigilance, work is done on physical preparation for sports-recording events throughout the year, between tournaments. Thus, during the high season, from November to May, “We do all our physical preparations, and a month before the competition resumes, we will print a little wood to rebuild the muscles. The muscles change according to events, we must resume the gesture, improve the technique”Announcing the hero. Pierre has the opportunity to live in the high mountains, he constantly trains: “I skate tour, ride a bike and jog.”

He must excel in all events. “Globally, it is played over the six events. What will set me apart from the others is the heart and the body. The events last between 1 minute and 1 minute and 30, they are short but very intense, you need a good recovery.”


Sports recording, broadcast in France only team channel, is a system that has been widely deployed across the Atlantic. The captivating design contributes to giving the sport a more extravagant and dangerous side: “During the international competitions, there is a big stage, light games, a real show stage. It was impressive. What bothered me is that instead of focusing on what we have to do during the event, we are afraid of hurting a photographer or photographer!”

What about sports? In France, international logging competitions for women’s sports are scarce… “Women’s competitions have been around for a long time in other countries. In France, this is the first time that the female competitors have a schedule for this season! It is a different mentality compared to the men’s competitions, they are in a state of mutual assistance, they will encourage each other and give advice to each other among the competitors Which we don’t necessarily do on the part of men.”

For Pierre Boyarette, the next tournament will be in Austria, in Vienna, next May. The opponents, again, will be large: “Australian Bryden Meyer is unbeatable, he has been a strong contender for three years.” Everything will be played in order of passage, according to the ezeroes: “If you come across one of the top rankers from the start, it will dampen morale a bit.” We just have to cross our fingers…

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