“We managed to stay united,” Alex Tolo notes

“We managed to stay united,” Alex Tolo notes

Turning is still in internal negotiations but must be done in the fist training of the strikers, with the collaboration of the scrum, Marc Dal Maso and Jeff Dubois in the three quarters. “Maybe I’ll still get the player’s license just in case!” He slips, smiling.


Before the tapes were hung, he was a New Zealand 3rd rower (originally from American Samoa and went through Montpellier, Custer and Lyon) and so his teammates still had three fights to fight. “It was certainly very difficult to come back. Defeat to Massey when we no longer wanted to lose at home hurt us, as did the fact that he is an athlete, we no longer have anything to go to. But we will have to play for pride, to give back to the club and the fans for what they gave us. , for the joy of being together and not giving up even if nothing is simple and nothing. Summer is all season,” he explains.

“Actually, there were a lot of things to manage, especially in terms of management. For sores and ailments, it was less stressful when he won, which was often the case, but it was necessarily stronger the day after the defeat,” adds a coach. The attackers who left for the center of the Paloise formation, Manu Mignon.

New Zealanders’ strength and vision of the game often helped put the Dacquois at the fore.

Philip Sulfate

Among the difficulties, we can note the departure of Jack Isaacs from October 2021, with ambiguity lingering for months about a possible return, the forced adaptation of the rest of the device and players, and then now the uncertainty about the future crew. As well as the continuation of the career of many players at the end of the decade.

“There have also been many injuries that represent the daily life of the rugby club, the times when we were forced to play at the age of 22…but I want to tip my hat to the machine for adaptation and the players because despite all the uncertainty it was off the field, we managed to Staying together. That was also a kind of strength that we had in Custer and here, we will really have to rely on in the future,” confirms experienced Alex Tullo.

“Players should be able to put themselves in their bubble and focus only on themselves and the field.”

Motivation at home

If it is difficult to find a motivational element in this table under construction, the last two matches at home, in front of their fans, can help players finish with their heads held high. “We tell them it is absolutely essential to have fun again. Even if you no longer have that qualifying pressure, you have to play freely, play rugby like us, find a good mood and positive feelings in the fight,” Manu Magnian said.

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