"We just had a historic moment!"

“We just had a historic moment!”

Pupils from Aindinoise schools and schoolchildren from Marbos, Saint-Étienne-de-Bois, Attigné, Bopont, Dumsur and Corshat-Cormos-Saint-Nisier had the opportunity to live chat with Thomas Pisquet on a mission on the International Space Station, the International Space Station.

It’s a great discussion that they will definitely remember for the rest of their lives. Twenty students, students, and college students had the opportunity to pose their questions directly to Thomas Pesquet, on Monday May 31.

“Ended” at the end of each question

They couldn’t see the “idol” because the camera on the International Space Station was down, but the students clearly heard the astronaut’s answers to their questions, each ending with the famous “Over,” as the professionals do NASA. The exchange – intense – lasted 10 minutes in a room in the village of Perago.

Feet on the ground and head in the stars, Saint Joseph’s School in Marboz (Ain) showcasing the color of this extraordinary encounter

© P Graswood

On April 23, 2021 at 11:49 am (French time), astronaut Thomas Pesquet flew for six months aboard a Crew Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS), along with three other astronauts. In 2016, he was the youngest European astronaut to fly into space. With this mission, he became the first French captain of the International Space Station.

These exchanges became possible thanks to the association Ares, A group of volunteer radio amateurs from nine countries that have chosen ten schools in France, including the schools in Bryce and Saint-Pierre College in Marbus, to discuss with the Alpha mission of the International Space Station.

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A year and a half of preparatory work

The students and radio amateurs at ARISS and the Educators worked together for a year and a half to make this meeting possible.

“Hi Thomas, here’s Eileen, why would you become an astronaut? Done.” Twenty questions followed each other with great enthusiasm and seriousness. “Hey Thomas, here is Yannis. Are you dreaming about going to Mars? Up”

“Yes, I dream about it, but I’m too old. Maybe it won’t be me, it will be you!”

Earth in space: a bit like a soap bubble

The astronaut also commented on his feelings and his perception of planet Earth: “On Earth we have the impression that it is huge, but from space we realize that it is fragile, in the middle of space it is somewhat like a soap bubble.”

“Leaving the Earth is like a journey. It feels very good. When you are in space, you feel you have superpowers!”

The meeting ended with a warm invitation from the host:

“I hope you come and meet us, and we will be happy to welcome you. We shared a historic moment together, thank you all.”

Eye. Talk to Thomas Pesquet

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