Waze ‘going crazy’, GPS directs users to the wrong path

Waze users experienced a strange bug this summer. The app seemed really intent on sending them down the wrong path, completely off the right path. This concern arose in the wake of strict traffic measures in Israel, which were put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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And wizz It is one of the most popular GPS applications for motorists, perhaps thanks to Ultra-sophisticated algorithm Capable of calculating the best route in real time. The latter detects irregularities on the road, such as accidents and traffic jams, and finds a solution in no time. All this without counting Frequent updates regularly bring new features.

No matter how easy it is to use, this algorithm can cause serious problems. This summer, Israeli users had a bad experience. These show that the app has systematically redirected them to A city miles away from its original destinationFeel free to say it is “Go mad”.

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COVID-19 has completely taken Waze out of the game

“We have a problem with the algorithm. The more people we serve, the more affected they are.”Waze CEO Jay Berkowitz admits. This shows that the reason is on the side covid-19 pandemic. “Coronavirus has put us in a position where we have to reinvent our algorithm due to recent significant increases in road traffic.”, He says. That is why the error affected only Israel. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the country has put its placeVery strict traffic rules.

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“Road history – which is part of our algorithm – no longer reflects reality”Complete Guy Berkowitz. “Think of a road whose history shows that there are no traffic jams, and today it is full. So, the coronavirus has killed our history and the algorithms need to change and give more weight to what is happening in real time – which is not always true, because the path we show you is not necessarily the short path Or .quickly, but in a Waze way.”

thats good The coronavirus has had a profound effect on French road trafficAnd Little risk of seeing the problem descend in our part of the world.

Source : Ha’aretz

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